Don’t call me, I’ll text you later…

Ambivert, introvert, antisocial, … whatever, keep your social expectations for me set at low and we will get along just fine. I have ALWAYS been lacking in the patience department, that has not changed since my husband’s passing.  If anything, my pool of patience has shallowed.  I don’t have time nor energy for idle chit-chat.Continue reading “Don’t call me, I’ll text you later…”

A Bittersweet Valentine

It’s February 14th!  The day for love, the month with Valentine’s Day.  While Valentine’s Day means something different to me than most (it is the day my husband passed away), it is a day to celebrate love none-the-less. There are no mushy cards, there are no balloons and chocolates, no fancy dates, and no sappyContinue reading “A Bittersweet Valentine”

Love after loss is complicated

Continuing with the February love theme, I will be addressing “love after loss” all month. When I first became a widow, like many before me, and many after me, I was resolved in my statement, “I will never fall in love again, I will never re-marry.” And guess what? I meant it. I did notContinue reading “Love after loss is complicated”

“Can you believe she is dating so soon after her husband passed?”

February is here!  Love is in the air, or so the retail world will have you believe.  This is the perfect time to address the taboo subject for widows/widowers.  When is “too soon”? “Psst…Can you believe she is dating so soon after her husband passed? I mean really, it has only been a year?” WhyContinue reading ““Can you believe she is dating so soon after her husband passed?””