Too many support groups

I think I belong to too many widow groups…too many pity parties and woe is me, too many negative thinkers and not enough positivity to balance it all out. Wow, that was a quick rant, down and dirty, and ignorant at best. I do not want to be this person, this judgmental bitch that getsContinue reading “Too many support groups”

Grieving doesn’t have to be a negative

Negativity and widowhood do NOT have to be soulmates. There is a difference between grieving and being a proponent of negativity. Just because you are grieving does NOT mean you have to succumb to negative thinking. Grief – keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss; sharp sorrow* Negativity – encouraging or noting anContinue reading “Grieving doesn’t have to be a negative”

In order to bloom…

“The day I lost you, I also lost me. I’ve been trying to find myself again, but it’s hard. It’s hard because you were a huge part of my life. Not having you here is so painful, I’m just not me anymore.” ~unknown Those who have lost a spouse, spend a significant amount of timeContinue reading “In order to bloom…”

The WHY is not your friend.

When someone passes away, whether expected or unexpected, people always ask why? I don’t mean how, it is also natural to ask how a person dies, but instead I mean why? Why did God, or the Universe, take this person away? Widows and widowers, especially, get caught up in the WHY? Why did this happen?Continue reading “The WHY is not your friend.”

Dirty Little Secrets, Two Faces of Grief

There are things people never talk about, never discuss, things that people don’t want to admit or talk about regarding grief, grief has two faces. No one tells you about all the things that come up, the “red tape” that clogs your days and that you are forced to deal with ON TOP of grievingContinue reading “Dirty Little Secrets, Two Faces of Grief”

Everything is different, EVERY SINGLE THING.

Loss of a loved one rocks your world. Anyone who has lost a parent, sibling, or close friend can attest to that… Now speak to a widow or widower…Literally everything thing changes…EVERY SINGLE THING! Death of a spouse is different from other forms of grief and loss that you may or have or you willContinue reading “Everything is different, EVERY SINGLE THING.”

Grieving on Social Media

It is a choice…to choose to grieve publicly or privately. Navigating social media can be a treacherous and and slippery slope on a good day, so proceed carefully and with forethought. There are pitfalls to social media when grieving. Please be warned that there will always be critics and fall out to your activity onContinue reading “Grieving on Social Media”

Don’t take grief so seriously

Sometimes in grief people get easily offended, judged, and are quick to have their feelings hurt. They often times block out their friends and family, believing them to be judgmental, inconsiderate, and insensitive. But I am throwing the challenge out there, are your friends and family intentionally being insensitive, or are you (in your grief-strickenContinue reading “Don’t take grief so seriously”

Widow Brain – it is a real thing

Widow Brain (aka Widow’s Fog or Griever’s Fog) is a REAL and TRUE phenomenon that occurs as a part of the grief journey. There is more to widow brain than just sadness and loss that overwhelm a person’s thoughts on a daily basis. Griever’s Fog can occur, not just with widows, not just with grievers,Continue reading “Widow Brain – it is a real thing”