Don’t take grief so seriously

Sometimes in grief people get easily offended, judged, and are quick to have their feelings hurt. They often times block out their friends and family, believing them to be judgmental, inconsiderate, and insensitive. But I am throwing the challenge out there, are your friends and family intentionally being insensitive, or are you (in your grief-strickenContinue reading “Don’t take grief so seriously”

Widow Brain – it is a real thing

Widow Brain (aka Widow’s Fog or Griever’s Fog) is a REAL and TRUE phenomenon that occurs as a part of the grief journey. There is more to widow brain than just sadness and loss that overwhelm a person’s thoughts on a daily basis. Griever’s Fog can occur, not just with widows, not just with grievers,Continue reading “Widow Brain – it is a real thing”

“I miss me”

Grief, it is a funny, fickle, complicated, unwanted, unappreciated, and misunderstood experience. When someone is grieving, they are missing a loved one, learning to live without them, learning a whole new world, a new reality, and a new normal. They are not just grieving a person (or a job, a pet, a home, family orContinue reading ““I miss me””

Contradictions and Small Steps

After my husband passed away, I quickly realized how many contradictions occur during the experience of grief. Take for instance, those special moments with your children. Those moments of pride for their accomplishments. You are so happy and so proud, but at the same time, you cannot help but dread the fact that you cannotContinue reading “Contradictions and Small Steps”