Dirty Little Secrets, Two Faces of Grief

There are things people never talk about, never discuss, things that people don’t want to admit or talk about regarding grief, grief has two faces. No one tells you about all the things that come up, the “red tape” that clogs your days and that you are forced to deal with ON TOP of grievingContinue reading “Dirty Little Secrets, Two Faces of Grief”

Everything is different, EVERY SINGLE THING.

Loss of a loved one rocks your world. Anyone who has lost a parent, sibling, or close friend can attest to that… Now speak to a widow or widower…Literally everything thing changes…EVERY SINGLE THING! Death of a spouse is different from other forms of grief and loss that you may or have or you willContinue reading “Everything is different, EVERY SINGLE THING.”

Grieving on Social Media

It is a choice…to choose to grieve publicly or privately. Navigating social media can be a treacherous and and slippery slope on a good day, so proceed carefully and with forethought. There are pitfalls to social media when grieving. Please be warned that there will always be critics and fall out to your activity onContinue reading “Grieving on Social Media”