In order to bloom…

“The day I lost you, I also lost me. I’ve been trying to find myself again, but it’s hard. It’s hard because you were a huge part of my life. Not having you here is so painful, I’m just not me anymore.” ~unknown Those who have lost a spouse, spend a significant amount of timeContinue reading “In order to bloom…”

“I am sorry for your loss…”

“I am sorry for your loss.” I have said it myself many times, and continue to say it myself to this day. After a significant loss, this is a phrase you will hear it over and over, and for many years to come. It is uncomfortable, and even 8 years later, I am not usedContinue reading ““I am sorry for your loss…””

The WHY is not your friend.

When someone passes away, whether expected or unexpected, people always ask why? I don’t mean how, it is also natural to ask how a person dies, but instead I mean why? Why did God, or the Universe, take this person away? Widows and widowers, especially, get caught up in the WHY? Why did this happen?Continue reading “The WHY is not your friend.”