Grief does not define me

Who am I? When I think about this question, the first words that come to mind are: mother, wife, career-woman, widow, friend, and now blogger. But those are just words, titles, I cannot say that anyone of those things define me, and they certainly are not the essence of who I am. Just like widowContinue reading “Grief does not define me”

Flashbacks, anxiety, and missing time

I have not really told much of the story behind the death of my husband. It is a hard story to tell. But now, my father is ill, he is suffering from some of the very same symptoms that my husband experienced, and it is unnerving to say the least. Who am I kidding, itContinue reading “Flashbacks, anxiety, and missing time”

Parenting from beyond the grave

It is important to continue to integrate your late spouse into the lives of your children. They will and should always be a part of your lives. One of the things that I have always been committed to was being open with my daughter about her father, who he was, his likes and dislikes, strengthsContinue reading “Parenting from beyond the grave”

Don’t use a pandemic to lash out, a rant from an angry widow.

I saw a post today on social media about the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders, it went like this: “**To all of you weathering this isolation with someone else**Do NOT call a widow/widower & tell them how difficult you find this new normal & how tough it is. This is my reality & life 8Continue reading “Don’t use a pandemic to lash out, a rant from an angry widow.”

Red Tape and a “Black Binder of Death”

There are many things associated to the death of a loved one that many don’t think about or are never told, let’s tackle the morbid topic of red tape. When my husband died, before I even left the hospital (in a state of utter shock), I had to decide where to send his body. MyContinue reading “Red Tape and a “Black Binder of Death””

“Can you believe she is dating so soon after her husband passed?”

February is here!  Love is in the air, or so the retail world will have you believe.  This is the perfect time to address the taboo subject for widows/widowers.  When is “too soon”? “Psst…Can you believe she is dating so soon after her husband passed? I mean really, it has only been a year?” WhyContinue reading ““Can you believe she is dating so soon after her husband passed?””